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Tithadesh: Renewing Jewish Education by Going “Retro” with Mordecai Kaplan

Education requires a guiding vision. Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, founder of the Jewish Reconstructionist movement, had a vision for Jewish education unlike any other; and yet we now find ourselves in a very different world than the one for which Kaplan described and took action on his vision.

We invite you to come and explore how ...

A Virtual Lag B’Omer and Shavuot, or (with apologies to Prince) “Let’s Go Crazy” with Numbers, Words, Nature Experiences  and Other Forms of Multiple Intelligences


So Lag B’Omer without a picnic is like:

a) Lox without cream cheese

b) Pesach without matzah

c) A golden opportunity

My answer is C.  I never cared much for Lag B’Omer picnics (always thought the Romans were going to get me) but of course I can be nostalgic for the free play ...

Waiting Our Way to the Core Kernels of a Jewish idea

Two Brachot for the COVID-19 Pandemic

In an attempt to be responsive to zarchei zeman (the exigencies of the moment), I share my thoughts about technology and Jewish blessings in the age of COVID-19, which was recently published on

The Huppah Above the the Marriage of Experiential and Content Based Jewish Learning: A Fresh Conceptualization 

Exploring Adin Steinsaltz, Renate and Geoffrey Caine, and the Amphibious Jew

In this article I will be linking the understanding of the implications of the research in neuroscience for education explored by Caine and Caine with an insight I have amplified from Adin Steinsaltz, noted Jewish scholar of Talmud and Jewish mysticism (this insight was passed ...