I am pleased to direct and/or partner on the following projects, which draw inspiration from the Amphibious Jew concept:


Text Me: Ancient Jewish Wisdom Meets Contemporary Technology

The Text Me project provides a big picture understanding of the relationship of technology to Judaism as an evolving religious civilization. It also helps individuals utilize tools of musar and self-reflection to manage their digital lives that are ethically, Jewishly, and spiritually productive. Download the Text Me curriculum overview here.

The companion book is here! Text Me: Ancient Jewish Wisdom Meets Contemporary Technology is perfect for your own or your group’s exploration into the complex intersection of modern digital life and Jewish and humanistic religious values.

Learn more about the book here.


The 100 Languages of Children Meet the 70 Faces of Torah

This joint project with Growing Wonder’s Dr. Deborah Schein searches out the sweet spots where the best wisdom of early childhood pedagogy meet the most creative impulses of Jewish learning and living.

Download the Scheins’ joint workshops flier here.


The 21st Century Kaplanian Vision of Jewish Education

A project of the Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood, this interactive curriculum for clergy, educators and lay leaders explores in depth a contemporary reconsideration of Mordecai Kaplan’s 20th revolutionary insights about Jewish education, and attempts to generate a set of design principles for the Reconstructionist Jewish education of tomorrow.

Participants in a six-week seminar in 2018 began to “name” the unmet challenges of Jewish education today in order to direct future work, then came together at the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities National Convention in November, 2018, to continue toward the goal of generating a set of design principles for the future of Reconstructionist Jewish education. Co-facilitated with my colleague, Sue Penn, Director of Congregational Learning at University Synagogue.

The new vision was officially launched in August, 2020!

Come and explore the project here.