Looking for an easier way to frame the complexities of your (or your students’) relationship to technology? Meet Scully – Rabbi Jeffrey Schein’s Granddoggy. In this short video graphic novella, Scully simplifies his own complex explorations into two questions we might ask ourselves about our own relationship to technology.

It’s Complicated: Scully and the SmartPhone is part of the Text Me project’s reflective pedagogy, designed both to engage the learner and to increase the self-awareness of the teacher on this broad topic, the latter goal being a key element to our most creative teaching.

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Webinar: New way to explore the hidden treasures of Shavuot

Dr Deborah and Rabbi Jeffrey Schein in a still from their Shavuot webinarCome explore the hidden treasures of Shavuot celebration with Rabbi Jeffrey and Dr. Deborah Schein in this engaging webinar, “Saving Shavuot, Counting the Omer, and Family Educator”.

The webinar, presented by The Mordechai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood, explores Shavuot through the multiple intelligences model of Howard Gardner and Mordecai Kaplan’s innovative thinking about the extension of the Pesach seder into other realms.


Wading Our Way to the Core Kernels of a Jewish idea: Food Justice and Counting the Omer

The best forms of amphibious Jewish education begin with a deeper dive into Judaism in order to see traditions we may have come to take for granted in new ways. Here I take us on a journey back to the radical, ethical core of the tradition of counting the Omer in terms of food justice. It was prepared for Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger.